Global Route and Optimization

Aprisa's fast global route engine can route millions of nets in minutes. The global route includes track assignment so that near detailed route information can be used to generate delays and signal integrity information.

Combined with precision optimization sizing, buffering, and wire spreading can all be looked at concurrently to achieve the best possible solution. All of this is done with MCMM timing. The key is to eliminate the problems such as congestion and signal integrity issues before the detailed route phase. The unique feature of this step is that it is trying to address gross signal-integrity problems during global route stage. This allows more changes than is possible during post-route stage. Support includes:

  • Iterative fixing of timing and routing to achieve timing closure
  • SI aware timing engine enabling fixing the noise violations where they happen i.e. not an after-thought to fix the SI violations.
  • Route aware area recovery
  • Route aware leakage power optimization
  • Metal fill emulation to get accurate prediction of final timing