Design for multi-corner and multi-mode (MCMM)

As the process technology continues to advance, the impact of the process variability becomes increasingly important. In order to achieve higher yield, the design needs to be verified under more design corners. Besides, modern IC designs function in various operational modes, such as function mode and test mode. To ensure the design is signed-off for all design corners and all operational modes, the physical design needs to be optimized for all modes and all corners for multiple design targets, such as timing, power, area, yield, etc. In the mean time, computing resources are always limited. As a result, MCMM optimization places tremendous pressure on memory and runtime for P&R tools.

Adaptive MCMM Optimization

Adaptive MCMM Optimization is a unique technology in Aprisa to ensure best runtime and QoR under given CPU and memory resources. The Adaptive MCMM combines the advantages of Sequential MCMM and Concurrent MCMM, and adaptively determines the optimal concurrent-sequential strategy for each optimization stage. No design scenario is dropped during optimization to ensure best QoR. The Adaptive MCMM allows maximum CPU and memory utilization during optimization for best runtime and QoR.