Wu-Fu Chen


Wu-Fu Chen is a partner at Dragon Investment Fund, one of the leading technology transfer, business accelerator, and investment fund sources in Taiwan. An established entrepreneur and investor, Mr. Chen was named as one of the top ten entrepreneurs of 2000 by Red Herring magazine and has won numerous awards for operational and entrepreneurial excellence. He has started more than a dozen companies, and co-founded many successful ventures, including Cascade Communications (where he held the position of vice president of engineering), Arris Networks (where he acted as chairman and CEO), Ardent Communications, Navini Networks and Shasta Networks. An established investor, Mr. Chen was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the top 100 venture investors in the U.S. in 2002.


Jue-Hsien Chern

Jue-Hsien Chern brings over twenty years of experience in high technology companies to ATopTech. Prior to joining ATopTech, he was vice president and general manager of the DSM division at Mentor Graphics for nine years. He was at Texas Instruments for 10 years, holding positions as SMTS and branch manager within the Semiconductor Process and Design Center. Jue-Hsien has also served as head of the DSM business unit at Avant! and vice president, engineering, and CTO at Technology Marketing Associates.



Dr. Jackson Hu

Dr. Jackson Hu is a 32-year veteran of the semiconductor industry with 27 years in fabless design and five years running a foundry. Chairman and CEO of NeoEnergy Microelectronics since May 2009, he has also served as CEO and chairman of UMC during his five years with the company, as president and CEO of SiRF Technologies from 1996 until 2002, and as senior vice president and general manager of S3. Dr. Hu was also co-founder of Verticom (acquired by Western Digital) and of IC Ensemble (acquired by Via Technology). Dr. Hu earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in computer science from the University of Illinois, Urbana and his M.B.A. from Santa Clara University.



Dr. Ping San Tzeng

Dr. Tzeng brings over 18 years of EDA experience with him to Atoptech. Dr. Tzeng was one of the original developers of ArcCellXO, developed at ArcSys in 1992. He was the key architect in the evolution of ArcCell to the industry known place and route systems Aquarius, Apollo and Astro. Dr. Tzeng continued to work and enhance his routing technology at ArcSys, Avant! and Synopsys (ArcSys formed Avant!, Avant! was aquired by Synsopsy in 2002). He holds the prestigious honor of Avant! Fellow and Synopsys Fellow. Prior to ArcSys, he held positions at Cadence Design and Quickturn Design Systems. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University and a Ph.D. computer science from U.C., Berkeley.


Dr. Sang Wang

Dr. Wang was a Board member of Electronic Design Automation Consortium from 1993 to 1994. In addition to having served on the EPIC, Nassda and Synopsys Boards, he has also served as a Board member of Stanza, Gambit, Plato and Virage Logic as well as Golden Gate Technology, Nanovata and Ponte Solutions. He is currently on the Boards of Altos Design Automation, Anchor Semiconductor, and Silicon Frontline Technology.  He is also a Board Director of a non-profit Stanford organization, International Student Christian Outreach.